Pottsville, PA Divorce Attorney

Advocating for your family
When experiencing the heartbreak of divorce, you want a competent, assertive attorney by your side to advocate for your rights and protect your family. With 40 years of combined experience, Maryann Conway has helped families understand their legal options and guided them toward solid solutions. Maryann can help you with all aspects of your divorce, including:

  • Divorce
  • Equitable distribution of property
  • Child custody
  • Child visitation
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Modification of child support
  • Mediation
  • Alimony

Through mediation or litigation, Maryann seeks to obtain the best possible settlement or judgment for her clients, including fair distribution of assets, division of the marital home, child support payments and child custody rights.

Child custody and visitation plans
Maryann assists you in coordinating a parenting plan that establishes a written schedule of days you maintain custody of your children and specific terms about visitation and holidays. If you cannot agree on a parenting plan, Maryann advocates for your and your children’s best interests in court.

Child support
Both parents share in the responsibility of raising children. Maryann upholds your children’s rights to receive the financial support required for a healthy, happy upbringing, while ensuring that the financial burden is divided fairly between both parents.

Spousal support
Getting divorced is difficult, but it should not lead to a financial crisis. Maryann helps establish fair and equitable spousal support, allowing you to continue to live as comfortably as before your marriage ended.

Modification of child support
Sometimes the unexpected happens — a lost job or a sudden injury — yet you remain obligated to pay child support despite your changed financial circumstances. In other cases, your former spouse receives a huge financial windfall or promotion, which should contribute to your children’s upbringing. Maryann can successfully obtain a modification of your child support order so your children’s financial support is more fairly shared between you and your former spouse.

Mediation puts the decisions in your hands and can often provide more expedient, predictable results than going to trial. Maryann is a skilled negotiator who can help you obtain the best possible divorce settlement while preserving amiable relationships in your family.

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